Phooldaan Decor | Black And Gold-Toned Circles Shaped Wall Mounted Art


The elegant charm of the Black and Gold-Toned Circles Shaped Wall Mounted Art will elevate your living area. This eye-catching item creates a focal point that demands attention by skillfully fusing timeless elegance with current aesthetics. The artwork, which was painstakingly detailed, is a symphony of black and gold tones that meld together to create a captivating circle show.


  • Gold and black together are an elegant and timeless combo. Gold offers a hint of glitz and elegance, while black creates a solid foundation.
  • It’s intriguing how the colors are applied as well. Instead of appearing flat, the black has a somewhat grainy appearance that creates visual appeal. Additionally, the gold has a somewhat tarnished quality that adds to its sense of age and history rather than being a uniform color.
  • The piece’s main shape, the circles, imparts a sense of fluidity and movement.
  • Size: 48  (Length) * 24 (height) inches


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