Majestic Stone Cast Garden Statue : The Proud Lion


This lion sculpture is a real showstopper.

Height – 88 cm

Width – 42 cm

Length – 52 cm

Plinth size – 42 cm wide x 52 cm deep

Weight – 165 kgs



Our artisans have put in a lot of effort to make sure it looks its best. Every detail, from the mane to the expression, is carved with care and precision. It’s made from high-quality stone cast and is weather-resistant, so it can stand up to any weather conditions – rain, snow, or snow. Plus, it’s so versatile it can be placed in any outdoor setting, from your home’s entrance to a flower bed or water feature. It’s sure to add some charm and character to your garden.

This lion statue is the perfect addition to your garden. It’s a symbol of strength and pride, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Plus, it’s super easy to take care of – just a regular wipe-down and you’re good to go. Transform your outdoor space into a luxurious haven with this very large and imposing sitting proud lion stone cast garden statue.

It’s not just a garden ornament – it’s a symbol of timeless beauty and strength. Get your piece of royal art today and let this lion take over your outdoor kingdom!


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