Wall Art with Marble Fountain in Multiple Colors

1. This wall art of a multicolored marble fountain With our gorgeous wall painting of a multicolored marble fountain, experience the pinnacle of luxury. This masterwork, which was created with great care and attention to detail, has a stunning color combination that would upgrade any room.
2. Give in to the charm of our multicolored marble fountain wall art, which is a magnificent example of sophistication and elegance. with its brilliant colors and detailed design. Discover the magnificence and craftsmanship that are exclusive to our wall art featuring fountains.

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Brand Name – Phooldaan
Product Main Category – Outdoor Decor
Product Sub-category – Water Fountains
Shape/Material – Brass and marble
Dimensions – 3inch diameter
Weight – Not estimated, can be customized as per your requirements
Country of Origin – India
Features – Unbreakable and long lasting and also led lights placed
Occasion – Perfect for entrance of hotels and restaurants
Product Code – ODWF41
*Price as per size*
*Size as per Reuqest*


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