Luxe Shaggy Carpets for Living Room

Original price was: ₹3,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,800.00.

1. Enhance the ambiance of your living room with our Luxe Shaggy
Carpets. Crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, these
carpets offer a perfect blend of comfort and style.
2. Immerse yourself in the plush softness and transform your space into a
haven of luxury. Explore our collection and elevate your home decor today.
3. Available Sizes – 2 x 6 Ft (Customized sizes available)

Timely delivery
Easy return
customization is possible
high end quality


1. Add a touch of luxury to your living room with our stunning collection of luxe shaggy
carpets. Made from high-quality materials and featuring a plush, soft texture, our carpets
are the perfect choice for creating a cozy and inviting space.
2. Whether you prefer a neutral tone or a bold pop of color, our wide selection of shaggy
carpets has something for every style and taste.
3. Transform your living room into a stylish retreat with our elegant and comfortable carpets
that are sure to impress.


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