Phooldaan | Meditation Buddha 12inch

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A Buddha statue made of fiber with a halo is a modern interpretation of the traditional Buddhist art form. This type of statue is often made of a combination of fiberglass and resin, which allows for a lightweight yet durable construction that can withstand the elements and outdoor environments.

The Buddha statue itself is often depicted in a traditional seated posture, with legs crossed in the lotus position and hands resting on the lap or in a gesture of meditation. The statue may be decorated with intricate details, such as carved patterns or painted designs, to add visual interest and texture.

The halo behind the Buddha’s head is also a key element of this statue. It is typically made of a lightweight material, such as metal or plastic, and is attached to the statue using a secure mounting system. The halo may be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple circles to ornate, multi-tiered designs, depending on the desired aesthetic.

Overall, the Buddha statue made of fiber with a halo is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Buddhist art form, offering a lightweight and durable option for outdoor settings or modern interior spaces. It serves as a powerful reminder of the Buddha’s teachings and the path towards inner peace and enlightenment, inspiring individuals to cultivate mindfulness and compassion in their daily lives.


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