Phooldaan | Big Bold Eyes Planters Plot | Set of 4 Pcs | 8 Inches | Polyresin


In “Big Bold Eyes Planters,” some buddies come with enigmatic planters who possess extraordinary abilities. Through the brave eyes of the plants, each companion sees odd and fascinating sights while they tend to the plants. The friends embark on an exciting journey that reveals the planters’ secrets and presents them with unanticipated obstacles before culminating in a profound and life-changing encounter.

  • The product can be customized according to the requirements.
  • Well packed for no breakage.


Here are some details about the product :

  • Composed of resin, these pots allow for optimum air circulation and are conducive to the growth of your plants.
  • They are perfect for genuine and artificial herbs, succulents, and outdoor plants alike.
  • These planter pots can add a fresh look to your house because of their striking colors, patterns, and carvings.
  • A charming small planter adds character to your desk.
  • Excellent for small plants, indoor plants, cacti, and succulents. Moreover useful as a pen, pencil, or ornament holder.


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