Phooldaan Decor | Cherry Blosom Tree Wall Art With Led Lights


The wrought iron tree has leaves that are carved out to resemble pesto leaves. 

It is made up of fine-quality material. Crafted with superior quality, flawless finish, and strict production norms

Size: 35 (length)* 50 (height) inches


It makes sense why this kind of wall art is growing in popularity. It’s striking and original approach to getting some natural elements into your house. It is made even more special by the LED lights, which also can create cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Aside from being great gift for any sort of occasion, it may be utilized to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hotels, restaurants, offices, and corporate buildings. 

LED lights that save energy are integrated into the artwork and are positioned deliberately to cast a soft, comforting light on the flowers. Any environment will seem peaceful and serene thanks to the piece’s ethereal nature enhanced by the delicate radiance.
This engaging piece creates a harmonic fusion of art and innovation by skillfully fusing current technology with aesthetics inspired by nature.


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