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Metal flower wall decor describes beautiful and decorative metal objects that are shaped like flowers. These objects, which are meant to be displayed on walls, give interior spaces a hint of elegant nature. The complex features of the metal flowers—which frequently include petals, stems, and leaves—create an eye-catching impression.



  • The metal used is iron and is made rust-free by applying anti-corrosive spray.
  • Each product undergoes many quality inspections, encompassing design, material, and packaging aspects. This iron hanging is wonderful gift for any celebration.
  • Colors available: white, golden, bluish-green, peach-white.
  • Size: 26 inches (per piece)

Additional information

White and Golden

White and Golden Flower

Ink Blue Dark

Ink Blue with Golden touch up


1ft, 2ft, beige, Beige/ Gold, Black, Blue, Creame, Glossy Black, Goldan, Green and White, grey, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

Brass Golden

Brass Golden


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