Phooldaan | Decorative Wall Clock With Peacock Design


The decorative wall clock with a peacock design combines functionality and elegance. Featuring a vibrant peacock motif, intricate feathers, and a stylish clock face, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space. This unique timepiece not only serves as a practical timekeeping device but also doubles as a stunning art piece for interior decor.

  • The product can be customize according to the requirements.
  • Well packed for no breakage.



  • The pictured wall clock features a colorful peacock design with its tail forming the clock hands. The peacock’s body is a vibrant blue with a green breast, and its tail feathers are a mix of orange, red, yellow, and green. The clock face is a cream color with black Arabic numerals.
  • This type of wall clock is typically made of metal or acrylic, and it can be battery-powered or have a wind-up mechanism. The size of the clock can vary, but the one in the picture is approximately 41 inches wide by 24 inches tall.
  • Here are some additional details about the pictured peacock clock:

    • The clock has a quartz movement, which means that it is very accurate.
    • The clock is silent, so it will not disturb you while you are sleeping or working.
    • The clock is easy to install, and it comes with all of the hardware that you need.


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