Phooldaan | Half Face Planters Head Flower Pot | Resin | Multicolor


A funny and distinctive garden accent is the Half Face Planters Head Flower Pot. Plants can sprout from the top of this sturdy plastic sculpture, which has a beautiful half-face shape. It gives a unique touch to any indoor or outdoor area with its detailed embellishments. A beautiful addition to your foliage, this eye-catching planter blends artistic flair with usefulness.

  • The product can be customized according to the requirements.
  • Well packed for no breakage.


Here are some details about the product :

  • Style: Half Face Planters are available in a range of styles.
  • Size: 15 Inches.
  • Color: They come in a range of colors, from traditional terracotta or white to vivid hues or even hand-painted patterns.
  • Drainage: To avoid waterlogging when used outside, make sure the drainage holes are not obstructed.


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