Phooldaan | Luxury Crystal 3D painting

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Details –
👉🏻Luxury 3D crystal painting with Alluminium frame
👉🏻Size 24×16 inches
👉🏻High quality clear Acrylic sheet
👉🏻Work with multicolored 3D and 5D crystals 🔮
👉🏻Translucent ceramic work
👉🏻 HD printed painting with 3D and 5 D Cristals work

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This Luxury Crystal 3D painting is a stunning piece of artwork that is sure to add elegance and sophistication to any room. The painting features a beautiful and intricate design made up of multicolored 3D and 5D crystals that sparkle and shine, catching the light and creating a mesmerizing effect. The crystals are expertly set against a high-quality clear acrylic sheet, which has been resin coated to ensure durability and longevity.

The painting is housed within a sleek and stylish all-aluminum frame, which gives it a modern and contemporary look. The frame also serves to protect the artwork and keep it in pristine condition for years to come.

The painting is created using a combination of HD printing and translucent ceramic work, which ensures that the colors and details of the design are vibrant and sharp. The crystals used in the painting are of the highest quality, adding an extra layer of luxury and extravagance to the piece.

Measuring 24×16 inches, this single square frame painting is the perfect size to make a statement in any room. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your home decor or want to create a stunning focal point in your office, this Luxury Crystal 3D painting is the perfect choice.


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