Phooldaan | Parrot Bird Handcrafted Multicolored (Polyresin)


The Handmade Multicoloured Parrot Bird (Polyresin) is a beautifully created ornament. Made of sturdy polyresin, this colourful sculpture of a parrot displays amazing craftsmanship and a wide range of colours. A visually appealing way to capture the beauty of a parrot, the handcrafted craftsmanship is ideal for adding a bit of tropical flair to any area. This multicoloured polyresin parrot is a vibrant addition that adds style to any area, making it ideal for fans of avian-themed decor.

  • The product can be customized according to the requirements.
  • Well packed for no breakage.


Here are some details about the product :

  • Three individually created polyresin birds are the product.
  • The parrots are red, blue, and green, and they are all sitting on branches.
  • The parrots have realistic features like feathers, beaks, and eyes, and they are painted with a glossy finish.
  • The collection of parrots would be a wonderful gift for any bird enthusiast and would look fantastic in any home.


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