Phooldaan | Polyresin Water Fountain Showcase


Elevate your living space with the stunning indoor polyresin water fountain, a true centerpiece for tranquility. Crafted from premium fiber and measuring 37 x 16 x 22 cm, this captivating home decor boasts a harmonious blend of a soothing water feature and enchanting LED lighting. The reliable motor pump ensures a seamless, relaxing ambiance, making it the perfect addition for enhancing your home decor.


This gorgeous indoor table top polyresin water fountain showcase will turn your living area into a peaceful haven. This gorgeous piece of home decor, measuring 37 x 16 x 22 cm, is crafted from premium fiber and is perfect as a tabletop accent. The captivating water feature and LED lighting combine to create a calming atmosphere that improves the appearance of your house. It guarantees a smooth and relaxing water feature because it is powered by a dependable motor pump. With this exquisite item that blends art and utility, you can add the tranquility of running water and gentle lighting to your living area, elevating the look of your home decor.

  • The product color is customizable
  • Super durable packaging


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