Phooldaan | Unique Style Centre Table


The Unique Style Centre Table is a distinctive and modern furniture piece that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. Its innovative design features unconventional shapes, materials, and finishes, creating a focal point in any living space. This statement piece elevates interior decor with its unparalleled style and serves as a functional centerpiece for gatherings.

  • The product can be customize according to the requirements.
  • Well packed for no breakage.



  • The tabletop appears to be made of black marble, with a smooth, polished finish. The base is made of polished stainless steel.
  • The table has a round top with a gently curved edge. The base is made of four slender legs that support the tabletop in a splayed configuration.
  •  The coffee table is likely about 18-20 inches tall and 36-40 inches in diameter.
  • The coffee table can be used to provide a surface for drinks, books, magazines, or other decorative items. It can also be used as a side table or as part of a living room seating arrangement.


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