Phooldaan | Flower Vase Bouquet Statue | 12-14 Inches | Resin | Multicolor

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The striking artwork “Flower Vase Bouquet Pot Statue” combines natural elements with manufactured ones. It consists of a vase filled with vivid flowers that is perched on a pedestal and decorated with elaborate patterns that mimic a bouquet. A tiny figure perches atop the vase, giving the arrangement depth and interest. This work invites reflection on the meeting point of art and nature by balancing constructed and organic aspects.

  • The product can be customized according to the requirements.
  • Well packed for no breakage.



Here are some details about the product:

  • Mini sculpture ornaments of a modern girl, perfect for desktop or tabletop display in offices or homes.
  • A bundle of dried flowers is held in one raised hand by a resin-standing figure vase, which can be used as a figurine or vase.
  • At home or in the workplace, it appears incredibly elegant, comfortable, and distinguished.
  • The sculpture looks great against dark, colorful walls with expressive facial features.


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